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google voice, download the google voice application is a communication application available on the Google Play Store and is one of the official.

Download the google voice application is a communication application available on the Google Play Store and is one of the official applications launched by Google, which allows you to make many different international and local phone calls for free.

google voice

Among the functions that Google Voice Apk contains is that you can make phone calls, send and receive SMS text messages, and listen to the voice messages left by callers on your voicemail.

You can now call your contacts, control your privacy settings, chat, or transcribe your voice messages and many other features that we will learn about in our article today.

Information about downloading the google voice app

The google voice application belongs to the global company Google and provides a service from Google services for communications that was established in 2009 after Google acquired the services of Grand Central.

Download google voice apk lets you make calls, manage your voicemail, and chat with your contacts from the same interface. But the disadvantage is that it is not supported in some countries.

google voice

The Google Voice application is one of the applications for making a lot of great calls using the Internet through your mobile phone or a personal computer, and the application synchronizes across the device to get all your contacts and enjoy a lot of great features through this application.

The user can download the Google Voice application through many different electronic application download platforms that provide many different applications for many different operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and after downloading the application we enter the main interface of the application to start using the application.

And give the different permissions to the application to access your contacts and your mailbox, just download the application and enjoy one of the great applications launched by Google, Google Voice Apk

features of download google voice

  • Google Voice APK allows you to make free unlimited calls and SMS in the US and Canada.
  • International calls at cheap rates starting from 0.02 USD per minute.
  • The interface of the Google Voice application is simple and easy to use.
  • The application automatically syncs contacts.
  • Block calls from certain numbers.
  • Call Recording.
  • Google voice helps you to get an American number to activate WhatsApp.
  • Receive VIP phone calls.
  • Your personal number can be changed for a fee.
  • The ability to manage incoming calls, SMS and voice mail.
  • Enables automatic backups that are easy to recover.
  • Manage messages between devices once you log into your account within the google voice app.
  • It works on Android phones 5.0 and later.

Disadvantages of google voice app

  1. You cannot use google voice to call some emergency numbers.
  2. The Google Voice app cannot be downloaded in some countries.
  3. Complaints from users about logging in to the application and not giving a number.
  4. The app requires a VPN to work in some countries.

How Google Voice works with other Google apps

Google Voice is part of the interconnected Google Apps ecosystem. This means that it is designed to integrate with other Google products, including Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar. However, your level of integration will depend on whether you have the free or paid version of Google Voice.

When it comes to the free version, you will have access to the voicemail transcription integration with Gmail. This allows you to receive the texts of your voicemail messages directly to your Gmail inbox. You will also be able to access your Google Contacts from the Google Voice app when you want to make calls or send texts

But if you want access to additional integrations, like setting Do Not Disturb hours based on your calendar schedule or limiting incoming Google Meet calls, you won't find them in the free version.

google voice download

Google Voice is a mobile app that allows you to make voice or video calls from your Gmail account with the contacts in your email. Thus, this application acts as a mobile Internet communication service.

In addition, Google Voice allows its users to purchase phone credit to make calls to phone lines. This is done at low rates, including when it comes to international calls.

Thus, this service is similar to Skype and has the advantage of syncing the contacts of your Gmail inbox to ease your manipulations and allow you to make direct calls more quickly.

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