Top 5 real cash game (earn money from apps)

real cash game Who among us has not looked for the easiest applications and games to earn big money from the Internet, and take advantage of the time

Dear followers of techno allaoui, welcome to a new article, in this article and in the following we will review the list of Top 7 real cash game for phones in terms of ranking for the year 2023.

real cash game
real cash game

These games enable you to earn money quickly and efficiently via the Internet, in reliable methods, and with guaranteed and convenient steps to withdraw profits without capital and without effort. You will earn dollars online for beginners on Android and iPhone phones.

Top 7 real cash game

Who among us has not looked for the easiest applications and games to earn big money from the Internet, and take advantage of the time we spend playing to fill the bank account with dollars, in the shortest and easiest way possible.

Many of us spend most of our free time playing on the mobile phone, young or old, and Android and iPhone games are among the best, easiest and most fun ways to earn money online, as we explained to you earlier about games to earn PayPal balance for free today. The explanation will be similar but in a different way, real cash game, it does not require effort, experience, or even capital.

Therefore, we offer you an article with the best of these applications and games that briefly explain to you how to play and achieve points, then we show the methods of withdrawing guaranteed profits in addition to download links and practical explanation videos for beginners at the bottom of each paragraph.

1- Pop Star Magic

Pop Magic Star - Free Rewards is one of the elite games that is considered the best real cash game, in terms of the ease of earning money from the Internet, especially for beginners in this field, because it is based on the principle of providing profits directly.

Without resorting to the method of converting points into their equivalent in cash, shortening an additional step that some users may alienate from, as the application collects the money that you have earned through your playing and deposits it in an account designated for you within the application.

What distinguishes this game from other games is the amount of money that you can earn by playing, as the amount of profits during one level can reach up to 5 dollars! And without any difficulty.

Moreover, you will not face any obstacles in learning the principles of this game, because it is the same game of cubes that we all spent a lot of time in childhood playing, and thus you will have combined the fun and profit in one activity.

And all it takes for you to start earning money is to pass the levels, by removing the cubes of the same color.

To know more details about real cash game, and download it for Android and iPhone operating systems, visit the link here.

2- Scratch Carts game

One of the most powerful real cash game since its release, especially for those who are fond of winning dollars from the Internet easily and without making any effort as this is done automatically, and this game is famous in all parts of the world, this application enables you to earn money by following videos and Play games, especially the game of scratching the pictures and showing the numbers and prizes inside the pictures.

And one of the most effective features of this application is its support for more than one payment method, and this enables you to use the application with confidence regardless of the country in which you are currently residing. 

This application works with the following steps: First, you have to scratch a group of images inside the application, where you find a number inside each picture, and your account points are increased by the amount of this number, and the more points you have in your personal account, the greater the value of your profits.

Moreover, the application enables you to double your earnings also by watching videos and advertisements without opening external links, and this leads to doubling your attempts to scratch your images, and thus increase your chances of winning more and more.

But this application does not support iPhone operating systems, as there is only a free version for the Android operating system, and we will provide you with a link below the article to download the application on the iPhone system as soon as it is released by the developers.

Prizes are available with a minimum of 10 dollars per day, but you have to remember that you can exchange your balance of points for the corresponding actual dollars with exchange values ​​of 50 dollars for every 200 points.

For more details and to access the download links, visit the link here.

3- Big Time game

This free game contains a collection of games that you have to play to win money prizes and gifts like winning iPhone 12, you just have to "play to earn money directly".

This application gives you several options for games that you can play within the application without having to download additional files, and install them on your device, as the Big Time application includes all the games.

The value of the prize money you win depends on the type of game you are playing, you may win this prize in the form of points, real dollars or cards that are all converted into dollars and deposited into your PayPal account.

You have the opportunity to receive the prize when you reach a minimum profit of $100 and you can receive it in one payment, $1,000 in one payment, or $10,000 in one payment, and this is done either through traditional bank transfers or using your PayPal account as soon as you reach the minimum threshold.

The application gives you the opportunity to win the grand prize, which is 3600 USD, by participating in a daily draw by playing only 3 games every day, to download the real cash game and win prizes with full details, and to access the application download links visit the link here.

4- Double Double

This Russian-origin application is one of the most reliable and profitable applications, as it is equipped with payment proofs that prove your ability to earn money from it through a PayPal account.

As in the previous application, this application allows you to redeem your prize when you reach a minimum of $100, and you can also withdraw the full $1,000, in addition to your ability to collect $10,000 on the same day if you win the grand prize offered by this app.

Double app is available in all game stores but only for Android operating system for free.

You will be provided with a link to download this game at the bottom of the article, but before you go to the link, read the most important features of this application and the way to earn money without leaving your home through it and a lot of other information about it.

First, you have to install this application on your mobile device, and then you have to earn gems, and points, to exchange them into the corresponding - in terms of value - of dollars and deposit them in your PayPal account.

Basically, you play a game of collecting cubes by numbers, where you collect cubes of the same number together, so this free application is one of the most easy ways to earn money online (by playing and winning).

As the amount of your financial return increases by destroying the largest possible number of stones, the application also gives you the opportunity to double your profits and earn cash prizes by sending invitations to your friends through referral codes dedicated to this application.

Note: This app only supports PayPal to receive prizes.

And as it was preceded by applications, the minimum amount to receive the return is $100, and with ease, the application allows you to receive your winnings from playing as soon as you reach or exceed this minimum, and the money becomes in your Paypal account the next day of your request to withdraw the return.

So don't miss this golden opportunity, to win real cash game download the game via the link from here.

5- Lucky Time

This game is based on offering great financial rewards to players who keep using the application constantly. Earnings in the digital currency Bitcoin, which makes it easier for you as a user to collect prizes through games in your mobile phone.

In addition, this application facilitates the profit process more by sharing advertising profits with players by requesting more than easy tasks within the application based on lucky strokes, which increases its popularity compared to other applications that require the player more difficult tasks to obtain prizes.

Which put this application in a higher place than the rest of its peers, as it enables you to collect your profits in more easy and simple ways, so the application includes more people and increases their chances of profit.

And the method used to deposit profits is PayPal accounts with a minimum amount of only $ 5, which makes this game one of the simplest ways to make money for the year 2023, because it returns to you with high profits through simple and easy ways, due to the ease of dealing with this application and smoothness Use, as the application will not require you to view advertisements, download any other applications or games, nor even open websites outside the application.

Simply, all it takes is to spin a wheel or what is called (roll the wheel and win money) to win the cash prize. The application provides you with 5 opportunities to spin each wheel of fortune, which the application refills and even increases by following some ads and various videos.

And the previous reasons worked to achieve great successes for the Lucky Time game, especially in these periods because of all the features that we mentioned to you previously, in addition to the lack of ads in the application, which attracts a larger number of users and players, and this game was released new under the category of profitable games to collect money without Leave the house and only by mobile phone and work online.

The principle of profit in this game is that the developers of the application share the returns from the advertisements within the application with the players through one of the easiest profit systems for the simplicity of the design and ease of use, as the amount you earn from this application is proportional to the time you spend playing, and watching the various clips It is also a free app supported for Android and available in all APK stores and Play Store.

The in-app profit system is divided into 4 main categories that you can use to get money.

The application provides the feature of collecting money by following various advertisements and videos, including videos for stores, game products, applications, and programs without leaving the application.

The first method of profit is through the wheels of fortune that you rotate until the value of the prize that you win during this stroke of luck is determined automatically and randomly, of course, and after each spin of the wheel of fortune, the application sends you an invitation to watch one advertisement and there are a few other ways to win, including: Sending invitations to friends Through referral links and also follow videos.

The application offers you daily prizes and valuable gifts in amounts: $10, $100 or $1,000 per day. Moreover, you can win an iPhone 11 Max for free by gift cards in the place specified in the lower section of the game.

For more details and access to links to download the required applications, visit the link here.
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