whatsapp download for free with a direct link

whatsapp download, the latest version for Android and iPhone, allows you to communicate and communicate with many friends with a click of a button,

whatsapp download for free with a direct link

whatsapp download
whatsapp download

whatsapp download, the latest version for Android and iPhone, allows you to communicate and communicate with many friends with a click of a button, in addition to its many distinct settings that give you a very enjoyable chatting experience. Through the feature of free phone calls and video calls using high-quality technology.

Hence the fame of WhatsApp, which has reached all countries of the world, despite the provision of Samsung phones for a similar application, which is Hangout, but most users refrained from it and decided to download whatsapp to enjoy its many advantages as it brings you to a new unique experience to communicate faster and easier, whether through written texts or Send and receive live or stored photos and videos. 

Introduction about WhatsApp

The WhatsApp download application is one of the most popular chat and social networking programs, which has achieved great success and popularity, and the number of WhatsApp downloads has reached more than 100 million users around the world. You can WhatsApp to communicate and know the last appearance of friends in addition to sending and receiving written messages or receiving photos and videos before In addition, it is possible to create many groups and control the settings of the same group in a different way than the way to control the chat pages of friends.

And whatsapp download has become one of the best applications that topped the list of communication programs, and since its star shone, the Facebook company decided to buy it to include it in the list of communication platforms that it owns, since WhatsApp was released in 2010 and it is in constant development and those in charge of it, programmers and developers, decided to introduce many improvements and modifications continuously periodically.

Some chat and free calling applications tried to compete and take the throne of the WhatsApp application, but they failed, such as the Telegram application, the Line application, the viber application, and other applications, and it is worth noting that in the year 2022 there is no other platform comparable to it with its two billion users in more than 180 countries.

How to download and install WhatsApp on iPhone and Android phones

For whatsapp download on Android phones, follow the following:

  • For whatsapp download on Android phones for free from Google Play or APK from the direct link at the end of the article.
  • Make sure that the Android phone is connected to a strong Wifi network, and wait for a while until the download is completed and the application is opened from the Open button.
In order to access WhatsApp Web from the computer, follow the following:

  1. All you need to enjoy the WhatsApp Web application on your computer and laptop is to go to the official website of the program, or you can click here to download WhatsApp Web.
  2. Click on the free WhatsApp download button, and after downloading, bring the smartphone so that they are linked with the same phone number.
  3. Open the WhatsApp application on the phone and click on the three dots above, from which you can go to Settings and then to WhatsApp Web.
  4. The previous option will take you to the Kodi box, and you will need to clear this box on the green circle that will appear after clicking on the WhatsApp application inside the computer, and from here a synchronization will be made between the application on the phone and the application on the computer.
And in order to download WhatsApp on iPhone phones, follow the following: –

  • Go to the App Store and open it from the direct link at the end of the article.
  • Write down the name of the application in one of the two languages in the store's search box to appear in the first search engines.
  • Click on the Install button for the application or the Get button and wait for a while until the download is completed.
  • Open the application from the Open button, or the application can be opened from the program icon that will appear on the main phone screen.

How to use the WhatsApp application

  • After downloading whatsapp, click on the open button, then it will ask you for your number, and the application will ask you for some permissions, the most important of which is to allow the application to enter the contacts so that it downloads all the contacts on the phone and at the same time they use the application.
  • Allow the app to send message notifications to the top of the phone screen.
  • If this is not your first time on the application, you must click on the Back Up button in order to re-download the text messages that were between you and your friends before deleting the application.
  • The last step is to click on the button to agree to the application policy and its privacy.
  • It is waiting for an SMS message to perform two-factor authentication between the application and the phone number, as the message includes a code that you must enter into the application.
  • It is to create your own account on the new WhatsApp application, by adding your username and a live image directly or from one of the images available on your phone, in addition to registering a status that expresses you, and thus the application is ready for messaging and chatting with friends.

Features of whatsapp download latest version

The WhatsApp application is characterized by many advantages that make it the number one application among many applications for messaging and communicating with friends, and the most prominent of these advantages are: –

  • Free: Downloading WhatsApp is available free of charge and there is no need to pay a subscription or any amount of money to obtain it, as it is available on the Google Play and App Store stores for free, in addition to the availability of the basic version for personal computers and laptops through the official website of the company.
  • Supports all operating systems: The company that developed the WhatsApp application took into account that several modified versions of it were launched so that it works effectively and efficiently with many technological devices, whether phones or tablets that operate according to the Android system or that operate on the ios system, and not only that, but it works effectively and synchronously With personal computers that operate on the Windows or Mac system, and therefore it is available and available for all devices so that its users from all over the world can use it and enjoy a unique communication experience.
  • Supports Arabic and most other languages: Downloading WhatsApp supports about 42 languages, including Arabic, English, Spanish, Japanese, and other languages, so that users who prefer dealing with WhatsApp can deal with it in the language they understand and love to deal with.
  • The ability to add a personal profile picture or video stories: You can create a personal picture on your personal profile on the WhatsApp platform. It is worth mentioning that you can take a live picture directly or upload a picture from those pictures saved inside the phone, in addition to the ability to add a video clip consisting of many Pictures and memorial snapshots that you want to share with friends for a period of 24 hours, and a music clip can be placed on your personal page on WhatsApp.
  • And the feature of choosing stories for your profile allows you to watch and follow who has seen your story, and you can also add some expressive phrases that express your state now with some expressive words, either wisdom or the words of a song you love, with the ability to add an emoji or an emoji next to the condition.
  • High-quality encryption: WhatsApp Messenger enjoys using the highest standards of security and safety, in addition to the privacy enjoyed by its users, as most users tell stories and personal problems or things related to them personally or to some of their work. You will not be able to see these messages because they use fully encrypted servers until you achieve the main goal behind the application, which is that the message reaches the recipient directly and quickly.
  • Periodic updates and continuous modifications: The WhatsApp Arabic download has many improvements and modifications on a regular and continuous basis, and therefore those in charge of the application constantly notice the comments and complaints of users so that they can fix all errors from one update to another.
  • Making phone and video calls: WhatsApp allows you to make phone calls through the platform by clicking on the speaker icon at the top of the chat page between you and friends, but it does not allow making group calls, free individual calls only, of unlimited duration, and it is also possible to communicate visually via By clicking on the video icon unified next to the phone icon so that the two parties can see each other clearly and purely due to the use of the green WhatsApp application for high-quality technologies, bearing in mind that the service does not work well if the web network is weak or less than 3g, communication may take place intermittently .
  • Resend images, written texts, and videos: You can download the green WhatsApp from messaging friends in an advanced way, as you can forward some messages directly to more than one friend at the same time, by clicking on more than one image or written text, and then clicking on Resend Direct to the friend or group of friends you want to share these messages with.
  • Sending more than one image at one time: You can click on more than one image for a long time to send it to the other party, as you can send about 30 images with one click without having to go back to sending one image after another, which requires you a lot of effort and time, so this is something that saves Highly praised by many users.
  • Create a group of 250 people: At first, on the new WhatsApp, you were not able to create a group and send one message for everyone to see at the same time. One group is 250 or more, with the ability to know who saw your message, at what time it arrived, and at what time it was read. In addition, there are many settings for the group far from the settings for individual conversations, which we will learn about in the next paragraph.

Disadvantages of downloading WhatsApp on Android and iPhone phones

  • Sometimes WhatsApp crashes and stops sending messages within the application as a result of a malfunction in the WhatsApp servers.
  • The feature of sharing videos with more than one person is not available.
  • It is not possible to communicate with friends who do not use WhatsApp on their phones.
  • Some complained about the last update of the disappearance of the following from WhatsApp, “last seen”, “online now” and “writing”.
  • The user number will appear exposed to any user who adds him if he is a member with him in the heart of the same group, which may cause some inconvenience.
  • The application requires a strong WIFI network for easy sending and receiving searches of at least 3g or 4g.
  • The WhatsApp picture on the profile will be seen by all friends or those who add your number on the platform, if you set this up, and there is no exception, everyone will see the picture.
  • With frequent use of the application, the user will feel addicted to it and unable to leave it or quit it, which is one of the things that annoys the user’s family the most.
  • Message encryption technology is available in the application, but it does not reach the encryption of important data and institutions in the country.
  • Through WhatsApp, you will not be able to send large files.
  • The stories that will appear on the WhatsApp application, you cannot filter the image, as in some other platforms.
  • A new feature has been added to WhatsApp, which is the ability to remove the message after it has been written and sent, but if a long time has passed since sending, you will not be able to remove it, unlike other applications.
  • Blocking communication within WhatsApp in some Gulf countries, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Kuwait.
  • Poor quality of voice communication within the application and requires a strong internet connection.
  • The duration of the WhatsApp status video is only 30 seconds, and therefore it causes inconvenience to some users, but to solve the problem, you can download WhatsApp Plus.
  • Do not forward messages to more than 5 people only.
  • Sometimes notifications do not reach some phones.
  • Block WhatsApp number for some application users.
  • Problem when forwarding a photo or message There is no group message list inside the app.
  • Privacy and encryption is not trusted within WhatsApp.
  • You cannot use more than one WhatsApp number, and to solve this problem, you can use WhatsApp Plus or download WhatsApp Business and use another number.
  • Most of the updates that take place within WhatsApp are not disclosed.
  • There are continuous malfunctions in the application server, and the WhatsApp service stops in some countries.

whatsapp download link

We have provided you with the latest version of WhatsApp, and you can download it for free now from Mediafire or with a direct link from the following download button.

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