windows 10 iso download The full version is free

windows 10 iso download with identifiers and software from the official website the best system so far used by millions of people around the world thi

windows 10 iso download The full version is free

windows 10 iso download
windows 10 iso download

Microsoft is an American company that has been working in the field of software since the eighties of the last century, and it was owned by its genius founder, Bill Gates, who gave up the position of general manager of the company last year to devote himself to charity, as he said. The company has succeeded greatly in the past years, with annual profits of $ 44 billion. It employs 71,553 employees in 102 different countries, and it is worth noting that Microsoft released the new version soon.

After the launch of the successful version of windows 7, the company's sales increased significantly and its products spread significantly, but this success will not last long, so it was necessary to develop the system in order to be able to catch up with the future and develop in the taste of users, so Windows 8 was launched with catastrophic errors that brought the discontent of users who put their trust in After a few months, the company developed and maintained defects and launched Windows 8.1, but it did not change much, and anger surrounded the company for two years until Microsoft promised its users a new version like no other and had already started developing a new version called Windows 10. 

Download Windows 10 original version from Microsoft for free

Windows 10, with a direct link, ios 10 Windows, is the latest version from Microsoft, the final version that runs on computers, which the company released to all users for free without paying any additional fees for a full year, windows 10 iso download the final version for all 32-bit and 64-bit devices bit, and the number of program users in the first 24 hours reached 14 million users, after problems occurred in previous versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. The computer operating system was upgraded to a new version, which is downloading Windows 10 2021 with definitions and ISO programs, and it was also added New features and features, including showing the Start menu, which was canceled in Windows 8, including that you can browse the Internet through the new Edge browser, an alternative to Internet Explorer, and improvements have been added within Windows Defender to be more secure.

windows 10 iso download with identifiers and software

windows 10 iso download with identifiers and software from the official website the best system so far used by millions of people around the world this version was revealed in 2014 and the first version was released in 2015 after unique features and features were added inside this version As it is compatible with computers and smartphones, in addition to being Windows easy to use and very similar to Windows 7, it is also fast at startup, maintains the privacy of user data, and has many security features because it contains one operating system for all devices, and there is a store for various platforms inside it. , It also interacts with the user through voice or writing to get the Cortana virtual assistant and allows you to get program and application alerts through the Action Center alerts feature and other available and wonderful features.

Windows 10 is better than Microsoft Windows 10 ISO

In the middle of 2015, the company launched Windows 10 from Microsoft, but with really great features, as the upgrade is free, in a move to satisfy users, and the interface was greatly developed, so a wonderful flat interface was designed that catches the eye, and the old Start menu that we missed in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 was restored. Windows has been developed in all technical aspects, as it has become responsive and the lack of response or system cramping has ended. Microsoft said that “download Windows 10 with a direct link” is the greatest Windows in its history and has worked hard to publish it with very huge advertising campaigns, as the number of its users reached in the first A day after its launch, 40 million users, but unfortunately the number has not increased much so far, which explains the complete dissatisfaction of users when the number of its users now is only 250 million.

What is the appropriate version of Windows 10, the latest version for you?

Windows 10 iso download is available from Microsoft in different versions and cores in its new version, which is the creators version of Windows 10 for free. You can choose the version that is completely suitable for you and that will give you the best possible performance from your device.

First - 32-bit kernel and 64-bit kernel: here we are talking about the Windows interface from the inside, as there are two basic versions available.

  • The first is the 32-bit architecture: it is intended for the devices that the average user works on. The Home version is usually associated with this architecture, which is often compatible with weak devices with a small amount of random memory that does not exceed 4 GB. This version is characterized by being very fast and light, but it does not support all Programs, of course, are therefore used on weak devices only.
  • As for the 64-bit version: it is the powerful kernel of the Windows version, and it bears up to 256 GB of random memory and any amount of memory, and it also supports all generations of new processors, and through it you can perfectly exploit the performance of powerful devices, so it is suitable for devices that carry high specifications, so it will happen The owners are an excellent performer.
  • Second - Copying Windows 10: When Microsoft launches a light download of Windows 10 with a new direct link, it releases different versions of this system to achieve integration so that the system becomes compatible with most devices properly and without problems. Here are the available copies of the new Windows 10.
  • Windows 10 Home: If you use your device to browse the Internet and some simple tasks on the Word or Office program in general, then this version will be very suitable for you, because it is light and very suitable for weak devices, and you can choose to download Windows 10 Home 32-bit if it is Your RAM is less than 4 GB, but if it is more, you should choose Windows 10 Home 64-bit, the latest update.
  • Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 Pro: This version is an abbreviation for Windows 10 Professional, and it is the full version of the system and contains all the features and advantages that you need. It is directed to professional users who produce through their devices, such as graphic designers and others. Therefore, this version requires some strong specifications, but it It is stable and has all the capabilities you need.
  • Windows 10 Enterprise: This version is not much different from the Windows 10 Home version, and it is very suitable for small companies, schools and universities, as it is considered a light version with some powerful features, and it is definitely not like Windows 10 Pro because it is slightly lower in specifications and is available in 32 and 64 cores.

windows 10 iso download

Finally, we can say that windows 10 iso download on computers in its latest update is completely free in many languages and has many features, including the Task View feature, through which you can move between open windows, divide the screen, and access quickly. There is also the Multiple Desktops feature, which allows You can create more than one desktop and the Snap View feature, which enables you to control the size of windows, run more than one application on one screen, and divide the screen as you like.

A custom system has been developed to obtain interaction when playing games through the version of DirectX 12 integrated into Windows, and the “HoloLens” glasses technology that allows you to show applications in three-dimensional forms has been supported, and the “Continuum” feature that enables you to switch between devices. This and more is present within windows 10 iso The latest update of 2023 that provides full privacy and security, enables you to download and run the Media Creation Tool, and provides full support for users to keep people's data from malware.

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