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How to check the battery health of the Galaxy Watch 5

Checking the Galaxy Watch 5 battery

Checking the Galaxy Watch 5 battery

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 supports many features that make it easier for you to track your health data, as it includes a group of sensors that allow you to measure the rate of oxygen in the blood, stress level, and body temperature, in addition to sleep tracking features, and many more.

But if you use most of these sensors and activate the features they provide, the battery will not last you for long, although Samsung promises a battery life of up to four days, which is difficult to achieve in this case.

Therefore, Samsung introduced a new feature for users of (Galaxy Watch 5) watches in the (Samsung Members) application that allows you to check the health of the battery of any device connected to your phone such as: the watch, or wireless headphones, and this feature will give you a way to monitor the health of the battery of the associated device so that you can adjust the habits Your charging to extend battery life. It will let you know when it's time to replace your device's battery.

To check the health of the battery in the Galaxy Watch 5, the (Samsung Members) application must be installed on the associated Samsung Galaxy device, and if the watch is paired with any other Android phone, this method will not be available to you. You can download the (Samsung Members) app from the Galaxy Store or Google Play.

How to check

  • Go to the Samsung Members app on your phone.
  • Click on the Support section icon located in the lower right corner.
  • Scroll down to the Connected Device Diagnostics section, then tap the connected Galaxy Watch 5 or Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. If you don't see your watch, you may need to make sure the operating system is updated first.
  • Click on the Install option.
Samsung Members

  • Click on the Get started option.
  • Click on the “Battery status” option. Once the test is finished, you will see the result at the top of the screen. If the result is “Normal,” then this means that the battery has no problem. The watch’s battery capacity number will appear below it, and this number means the amount of energy stored in the battery. and usable.
Samsung Members app

  • to troubleshoot wireless charging issues with the watch; Tap the back arrow shown in the top-right corner, once the battery status test is complete.
  • Click on the Wireless charging option, then put the watch on the wireless charger, and wait until you see the result; If the result is (normal), this also means that the wireless charging of the watch has no problem, and if a result appears other than that, you can contact the Samsung maintenance service.
Samsung maintenance

It is worth noting that this feature is also available for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic, providing its users with an easy way to check the health of the battery easily. But before using the feature, make sure your devices are updated to the latest OS version and the Samsung Members app is also updated.
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