How to connect an apple watch to an android phone

How can you connect an Apple Watch to an Android phone, and how to get all the features available in it.

Connect Apple Watch to Android phone

How to connect an apple watch to an android phone

You can link an Apple Watch to an Android phone, but you won't get all the features it has. The Apple Watch is designed to work with the iPhone, so some apps may not work properly or at all while using the watch with an Android phone.

For messaging applications such as: Telegram, you can easily use them to send messages from the watch, and you can also use fitness and health monitoring applications in the Apple Watch, but they will not sync with the Android phone. If you want to link the Apple Watch with Android despite the restrictions and limitations of use, here is how to do it:

1- What do you need to make the Apple Watch work with an Android phone?

To make your Apple Watch and Android phone work together, you need an iPhone 6 or later and an Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular).

You will also need to transfer the SIM card of your Android phone to your iPhone to perform a few steps. So you must make sure that your Android phone and iPhone are using the same size SIM card.

All modern iPhones and most modern Android phones use a Nano SIM, but not all Android phones. Some Android phones may use a Micro SIM card. And if you want to use the iPhone 14, you will need to use a virtual eSIM card in the Android phone that you can transfer to the iPhone.

2- How to set up the Apple Watch to work with an Android phone

After making sure you have all the items you need, follow these steps:

  • Transfer the Android SIM card to the iPhone.
  • Turn on your iPhone and Apple Watch and place them close together.
  • Wait for the pairing screen to appear on your iPhone, or you can go to the Watch app and select Pair New Watch.
  • Click on the option (Set Up for Myself).
  • A blue circle will appear on the Apple Watch screen, and it will open the Viewfinder camera on the iPhone.
  • Hold the phone over the watch until the Viewfinder camera takes the picture, and the watch and iPhone start pairing.
  • Click Get to Know Your Watch to learn more about how the watch works and to identify apps.
  • Turn off your iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • Transfer your SIM card from iPhone to Android phone.
  • Turn on your Android phone and make sure it's connected to the cellular network, then turn on your Apple Watch.
After that, you can start using your Apple Watch to receive calls and send messages, even though your primary number is connected to your Android phone. And if you have trouble making correspondence or phone calls, you may need to reconnect the watch to your iPhone and update it.

And if you encounter any problems connecting the Apple Watch to an Android phone, all you have to do is leave us a comment, we are always available to help you.
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