Learn about the new features of the upcoming iPhone 15 phones

Camera improvements, faster USB-C, and more are long overdue
iPhone 15

It is expected that Apple will announce the iPhone 15 series of phones next September, as it is the usual date when Apple unveils its new phones.

The series will include 4 phones for the first time: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Until now; Reports and leaks indicate that the iPhone 15 Pro models will have a number of exclusive features that will not be available on the affordable iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

Here are 9 of the exclusive features that are expected to be supported by the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro models:

1- Better performance with the new A17 processor from Apple:

Reports and leaks indicate that Apple will supply the iPhone 15 Pro models with the (A17 Bionic) processor manufactured with 3 nm technology, which is manufactured by the Taiwanese chip company (TSMC), which it says will provide better performance than 5 nm processors, while requiring 35% less energy consumption.

A report from Nikkei Asia indicated that 2023 could mark the second year in a row that only Pro models in the new iPhone series feature Apple's latest processors. As Apple included in the iPhone 14 Pro phones its latest A16 processor, which is manufactured with 4 nm technology from TSMC, which is the most advanced currently.

While in the basic iPhone 14 models, I included the older A15 processor, which I used in the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro models that I launched in the second half of 2021.

2- The frame of the iPhone 15 Pro phones is made of titanium:

Since the launch of the iPhone 10 in 2017; Apple uses stainless steel in the frames of its phones. But leaks indicate that the frames of the iPhone 15 Pro models will be made of titanium, which is stronger and lighter than stainless steel, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gorman and analyst Jeff Pu. Compared to stainless steel, titanium has a relatively high hardness that makes it more scratch resistant.

if these reports are accurate; This will be the first time that Apple uses titanium in iPhone phones, as Apple used titanium in its Apple Watch Ultra last year.

Learn about the new features of the upcoming iPhone 15 phones

3- The design will come with very thin curved edges:

Last month, 9To5Mac published what it said were 3D drawings leaked from a Chinese factory specialized in manufacturing phone protection covers, which revealed some issues in the design of the phone, and the most prominent observations about the design were the absence of the (Lightning) port, where it was replaced by the USB-C port.

Other notable design changes include; It is the bending of the edges, whether on the glass or the metal frame, as the glass bends slightly towards the edges, and the frame itself is curved more than before, to become more similar to the design of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro computers and the new M2 MacBook Air, which helps to make the phone More comfortable in the hand, compared to the sharper corners of current Apple phones.

Similar to recent Apple Watch models, the iPhone 15 Pro models will have very thin curved bezels around the screen, according to the leaks account "ShrimpApplePro" on Twitter.

4- A faster USB-C port:

All reports so far indicate that Apple will replace the charging port (Lightning) with a USB-C port in the iPhone 15 phones. But it will distinguish the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max phones with the speeds of the latest USB 3.2 standard, which provides a data transfer speed of up to 40Mbps. gigabit per second, with the advantage of super-fast charging, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

While the basic iPhone 15 models will include a USB-C port, it will be limited to USB 2.0 speeds such as the (Lightning) port.

5- Wi-Fi 6E support:

All phones in 2023 will include the second generation of the (SnapDragon X70) chip from Qualcomm to operate 5G and Wi-Fi networks, and it is the first 5G modem chip that supports artificial intelligence to provide faster processing speeds, better coverage range, and increased energy efficiency.

However, support for the faster (Wi-Fi 6E) connection is expected to be limited to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max phones. Compared to Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E - the latest version of the wireless networking standard (802.11) - provides more bandwidth, thus providing faster connection speeds, lower latency and greater capacity.

(Wi-Fi 6E) will improve connectivity everywhere, at home, on the go, and in densely populated areas and large public places such as: airports and stadiums. It will also provide HD streaming for applications such as: video conferencing, virtual reality applications, lower latency for games and Internet of Things applications, and faster download speeds.

iPhone 15

6- Increase RAM capacity:

The iPhone 15 Pro models will have a larger RAM of 8 GB, according to the Taiwanese research company (TrendForce), while the basic iPhone 15 models are likely to include 6 GB of memory, as is the case currently with the iPhone 14 phones.

The large amount of RAM will be useful for multitasking on the iPhone by allowing more apps to run in the background simultaneously, preventing the app from reloading content when you reopen it. In addition, the 3nm A17 Bionic processor that will power the iPhone 15 Pro models will boost the overall RAM performance.

If the iPhone 15 Pro models come with up to 8GB of RAM, this will be Apple's first increase in memory capacity since the iPhone 12 Pro, which it launched in 2020.

7- Replacing the volume buttons with touch buttons:

The look and feel of the iPhone Pro model has remained largely unchanged over the past few years, as phones get a new processor, new image sensors, and sometimes a better screen, but the external components of the phone, such as: the structure and volume buttons, have remained largely the same since the iPhone 11. Pro.

However, recent leaks indicate that the volume control button on my upcoming (iPhone 15 Pro) and (iPhone 15 Pro Max) phones may be a tactile button with a vibrating response when pressed, instead of the two separate buttons on the current iPhones.

The touch buttons can improve water resistance and reduce device wear by reducing moving parts, and it is expected that this change in phone design will increase demand for the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro phones.

8- Camera improvements:

A report from (Nikkei Asia) indicated that Apple will rely on the iPhone 15 camera phones on the new sensor technology from Sony to provide better imaging features in its upcoming phones, as the latest sensor technology from Sony will almost double the level of signal saturation in each pixel compared to conventional sensors.

Recent leaks also indicate that the larger iPhone 15 Pro Max will get a telephoto lens, and this may lead to the phone supporting optical zoom at a rate of at least 6 times, compared to 3 times in the iPhone 14 Pro models.
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