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A new feature in the Google Maps application

Launching a new update for Google Maps service

new google maps update
google maps

Google announced the launch of a new update to the Google Maps service, which brought with it many practical features, most notably the so-called “Immersive View”.

And specialized sites confirmed that the Google Maps immersive display service works in only a few cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Berlin, but it has a limited number of users.

This feature was announced for the first time at the “Google IO” conference in 2022, where the company promised users that they would be able to see detailed drawings of some of the world’s most famous cities on Google Maps in the near future.

This feature provides a completely new way to explore places and get to know many cities around the world. The new feature relies on computer vision technologies and artificial intelligence to combine images through the “Street View” service. It also provides a three-dimensional peripheral vision of the city or the place that the person wants to know.

A person can fly virtually over a particular city and watch it from above, and land to roam its streets or commercial centers to explore it from the inside as well.

It is also possible to obtain useful information about traffic congestion and weather conditions in a number of large cities currently, such as New York, London, San Francisco, Tokyo and Berlin, and it is assumed that the service will later expand to include other cities such as Amsterdam, Florence, Dublin and Venice.
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