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The iPhone battery runs out quickly.. The solution is in simple steps

A simple way to save iPhone battery life

The iPhone battery runs out quickly.. The solution is in simple steps

The latest iPhones from “Apple” usually have good battery life, but the applications on the phone can affect the quality and life of the battery, so if you find that your phone’s battery is running out very quickly, the solution may be in an “option” located within the settings.

Background apps refresh

  • On iPhones, apps are refreshed in the background.
  • To understand this more clearly, Apple says: "After changing to a different app (moving from one app to another), some apps will run for a short period of time before being set to suspend."
  • “Apps that are in a suspended state are not actively in use and are not opening or consuming system resources,” Apple says.
  • But by refreshing apps in the background, suspended apps can check for updates and new content.

Battery drain

The background app refresh feature can be useful, but it drains your device's battery, so you might want to turn that off.

Apple also admitted that "turning off apps helps conserve battery life".

How do you stop the property?

  1. Go to Settings and tap General.
  2. Click on "Background App Refresh".
  3. Click "OFF".
  4. There are also two other settings that are "Wi-Fi and mobile data.", or "WiFi".
You can try the "Wi-Fi" option if you do not want the background running to stop completely, but rather stop when you are outside and not connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

If you find that turning it off leaves you feeling less engaged with your beloved apps, simply follow the instructions above to turn it back on in seconds.

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