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Sony INZONE H7 Headphone Review


Name INZONE H7 Headset
the manufacture company Sony
Compatible platforms PS5 / PS4 / iOS / Android / PC
Ways of communication Wireless headset
Battery life about 50 hours
the weight 454 grams
Price $ 220

I spent a whole week with the INZONE H7 gaming headset from Sony in order to search for the optimal economic category headset, which, due to the current circumstances in which we live, will be the most targeted category by gamers or the average consumer..The question is: “Has the INZONE H7 headset been able to put itself in Is this category really, and is it an excellent choice for the mid-range headphones?

This is what I will try to answer in a review of the Sony INZONE H7 headset.

Shape and design

The first thing that will come to your mind when you see the shape of the headset is that it is designed in the same colors and orientation as the PlayStation 5 in black and white, as if it is coming to complete the set of the rest of the Sony accessories.

The design of the headphone itself is simple, but at the same time it is very modern and focuses on the ear cups to give it the largest space of the headphone next to the headrest as well, which is the best thing for me because I rarely find a headphone that can cover my ears completely and tightly without slipping.

My only problem, and it is the same as my problem with all Sony accessories in general, is that the materials the headset is made of are not premium. You will not feel while holding the INZONE H7 that it is a high-class headset. I think that was necessary to reduce the cost, but I wished to see something different other than the plastic that covers most of the speaker. Especially the Ear Cups.

The only exception here is the headrest made of beautiful leather and the ear covers made of light fabric and nylon, which I found did not retain any heat at all with long gaming sessions that reached more than 6 hours, which is excellent, and I think that changing the leather with nylon on the ear covers here paid off.

Daily use and comfort in use

I tried the INZONE H7 for a week, as I mentioned, and I can say that this headset is one of the best comfortable headphones that I have used in a while, really focusing on placing large ear cups that will cover your entire ear and therefore you will not feel that the headset is pressing on your ear in a restless way, not to mention the absence of any gathering heat as mentioned above.

Also, the leather headrest did not hurt my head after long gaming sessions at all. In many cases, the headphones tend to grip themselves badly on the head so as not to slip. Although the size of my head is considered small, I did not witness any problems with the speaker slipping or even being loose.

What are the characteristics of the INZONE H7 headset?

In fact, here I have a simple problem, which is that the INZONE H7 headset does not offer anything that distinguishes it from other headphones, yes it provides the basics, but it did not give me a special advantage only with Sony headphones, for example, perhaps the most prominent point I noticed is the exceptional battery life and sound quality, especially three-dimensional ones, but Other than that, nothing new here.


Sound from all directions and 360 degrees

The most important feature of the INZONE H7 headset is the sound, as the speaker supports Spatial Audio technology, so that you can hear sounds from all directions in 360 degrees, and this is very useful in competitive games such as Valorant to know the voices of your opponents, even if from behind a wall and at a very good distance, and in horror games such as Remake Resident Evil 4 This feature is most magnified, especially as it merges with the Tempest 3D audio engine that Sony provided with the PlayStation 5, and this means that you will not only hear sounds from all angles, but also means that you will literally live them as if they were in your room.

A headset for all platforms, but can you use it outside the home?

The advantage of the INZONE H7 headset is that it supports all platforms, this certainly starts from PS5 and PS4, but the most amazing thing is that it works without any problem with PC and any type of smart phone, but of course it is not compatible with any of the Xbox platforms.

The wonderful design of the speaker prompted me a lot to go out and use it outside the house, only to be surprised by a simple problem, which is that the microphone is built into the speaker and cannot be removed or installed at all, so there is no way to use this speaker outside with the public unless you want to look like customer service staff like me as you can see in the picture Or if not all of this makes a big difference to you.

What about battery life?

Sony says that the battery life with a single charge reaches 40 hours, and through my experience I can confirm that this number is not completely correct because it is, in fact, much more than that.

With a single charge of the INZONE H7, I found that the headset can stay with me for more than 48 hours, with long gaming sessions as well, without any problem. This point is the biggest advantage of the headset until the moment, so you don't have to worry about the battery issue completely.

A look at the buttons of the INZONE H7 headset

Come now, let's take a tour of the speaker itself, which you will not feel that there is anything distinguishing it from this side, from the left you will find the volume button, which comes in the form of a reel that can be rolled, and it is a good addition to it in this way in order to make it easier for you to reach it during the game without the need to take off the speaker itself, too On the left, we find the non-removable microphone.

On the right, we find the Bluetooth buttons, the power button itself, and a button to control the position of the headset between chatting and gaming.

A look at the buttons of the INZONE H7 headset

What about the sound quality of the microphone?

The Boom Mic of the headset can summarize its position and say that it fulfills the purpose required of it very much, do not expect outstanding quality from it, and this is because I found myself hearing my voice sometimes repeated, but it is considered once or twice in most of the experience, other than that, you will be able to easily connect the microphone to the PlayStation platform 5 for example to chat with friends.

What are the means of communication provided by the headset?

The INZONE H7 headset does not include any port that supports the usual 3.5mm wire, and this may seem like a problem at first, but from my point of view, I find myself inclined during the recent period to play wirelessly to get away from the tangled wire crisis, which is what the INZONE H7 headset offers here wonderfully.

The headset supports communication via Bluetooth, of course, but it also supports wireless communication via a dedicated USB Dongle, which is the best solution I found that reduces any delay in response speed, which is what I relied on during my experience.

Acoustic performance and insulation

The audio performance provided by the INZONE H7 is one of the best I have seen so far, especially during my playing period on the PlayStation 5, especially with the experience of a game such as Remake Resident Evil 4 with 3D acoustics, almost all sounds appear well in the experience and in terms of isolation, so yes you cannot The headphone can isolate external music or songs, but it can isolate any external sound completely, as if you are in an isolated world.

Sony INZONE H7 price

Well, let's say that the price of the speaker puts it in the economic category and does not put it there at the same time, as its price is $ 220, which I find somewhat exaggerated, especially since the speaker does not offer any feature that makes it unique from the rest of the headphones of the same category or justifies it, but at the same time If you really want a headset that gives you the longest possible time with excellent audio performance and at the same time be compatible with all platforms, the INZONE H7 will not fail you in anything.

The Sony INZONE H7 is considered one of the best headphones in its class, despite its slightly exaggerated price and lack of distinction in providing certain features.
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