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How to fix the problem that files could not be downloaded from Google Drive

Unable to download files from google drive

Unable to download files from google drive

Many people use the cloud storage service (Google Drive) Google Drive to keep files, photos, videos, and more. In addition to sharing documents and files with others through the same service. Many times we need to download a file from Google Drive on the computer, but sometimes the download process is not possible, and this is due to the cookie settings in the browser, or because of one of the extensions that you downloaded in the browser, or that the owner of the file The file you want to download from Drive has not given you permission to download the file.

Here's how to fix Unable to download files from Google Drive depending on what's causing the problem:

1- Change your browser's cookie settings

The reason why files cannot be downloaded from Google Drive may be because third-party cookies are blocked. Drive uses third-party cookies, and blocking them in your web browser will prevent you from downloading files from Google Drive.

If you want to block third-party cookies while still downloading files from Google Drive, add an exception for Google Drive. To do this in Google Chrome, follow these steps:

  • Type (chrome://settings/cookies) in your browser's address bar and press Enter.
  • Scroll down to the Sites that can always use cookies section.
  • Click the Add button.
  • In the Add a site window, type drive.google.com.
  • Make sure that the Including third-party cookies on this site option is enabled, then click Add.
  • In the Sites that can never use cookies section, make sure that none of the following sites are present:
  1. googleusercontent.com 
  2. drive.google.com 
  3. google.com. 
Because its presence prevents downloading files from Google Drive. If you find these sites listed, click the three-dot menu button, then click the Remove button.

If you are using a browser other than Google Chrome, follow these steps

  1. Open the browser, then click on the three-dot button that appears at the top.
  2. Click on the (settings) option.
  3.   Go to the Cookies settings, and it may be listed in the Privacy & Security section, or in the Cookies and site data section, as is the case in the Edge browser.
  4. You will find the option (Block third-party cookies), if it is activated and you want to continue activating it, search for the Add button to add an exception to the Google Drive service.
  5. After clicking the Add button, a window will appear to add the site. Type drive.google.com in the site field, and activate the option (Include third-party cookies on this site).
  6. Click the Add button.

2- Turn off browser add-ons

Some of the extensions that you downloaded in the browser may cause some problems, such as: the problem that files cannot be downloaded from Google Drive, if the method of changing the cookie settings did not work, try turning off all extensions and try downloading the file again. If you are successful in downloading the file, run the extensions one by one to identify the problematic extension.

3- Change the settings of a file that someone else shared with you

If you can't download a file someone else has shared with you, the owner of the file may be in Google Drive blocking printing, downloading, or copying for people who only have comment or view permissions. In this case, you can contact the owner of the file to change the file's settings to allow you to download it.
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