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What is QLED technology in Samsung TVs? How it works?

What is QLED technology in Samsung TVs?

What is QLED technology in Samsung TVs

QLED technology is considered one of the best technologies now used in TV screens, and it is the technology adopted by Samasung, which accounts for the largest percentage of TV sales globally, which is characterized by its ability to produce richer and brighter colors compared to traditional LED and LCD screens, with greater efficiency in consumption The power and ability to produce deeper blacks and better contrast.

QLED, or Quantum-dot Light Emitting Diode, is a display technology that uses quantum dots to enhance the color and brightness of televisions.

How does QLED technology work?

QLED technology in TV screens relies on placing a layer of quantum dots between the LED backlight and the LCD display panel, so that when light passes through the quantum dots it produces a very subtle color of light that can be modified to create a wider range of colors and a brighter white color, and quantum dots are crystals Man-made nanoparticles have the ability to convert a spectrum of light into different colours.

What are the advantages of QLED TV screens?

The main advantage of QLED technology is its ability to produce brighter and more defined colors compared to conventional LED/LCD screens, it is also more energy efficient, and can produce deep blacks and bright colors at the same time.

What are the disadvantages of QLED TVs?

One of the most common drawbacks of QLED technology is that it can have difficulty producing true blacks, as quantum dots sometimes leak light. In addition, viewing angles on QLED screens can be limited, and they may suffer from issues such as image burn-in, which is an issue that may cause a spot or permanent mark to appear on the screen even when you are watching different content.

What are the competing technologies of QLED screens?

The OLED screens that LG relies on in its TVs and MicroLED screens are the most prominent competitors to QLED screens, as OLED screens (which Samsung, Apple and others rely on in their flagship smartphones such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra) provide more accurate black levels and better viewing angles, but they are More expensive and have a shorter lifespan, MicroLED displays are achieving brighter and more accurate hues, but they are still at an early stage.

Who develops QLED technology?

The South Korean company, Samsung Electronics, develops QLED technology, as it released the first TVs equipped with the new technology earlier in 2017, and has been providing a new version annually since that time.

What is Neo-QLED technology in Samsung TVs?

The Neo-QLED technology in Samsung TVs is a new generation of QLED technology, a technology that provides a significant upgrade compared to previous versions, as it uses a new LED lighting system in a smaller size, higher brightness, and greater resolution, and Neo-QLED TVs also feature a new quantum processor that uses Artificial intelligence to improve picture and sound quality.

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