Xiaomi 13 Ultra price and specifications

A new phone from Xiaomi phones, which is the Xiaomi 13 Ultra. The phone comes with a set of powerful features

Xiaomi 13 Ultra review

Xiaomi 13 Ultra review
Xiaomi 13 Ultra

battery : 5000 mAh
Screen : 6.81 inches, QHD+ resolution, with a small hole
Processor : Snapdragon 888 5G, eight cores, 5 nano technology
memory : 512/256 GB
Camera : triple rear 64 + 64 + 64 mb / front 50 mb
OS : Android 12

A new phone from Xiaomi phones, which is the Xiaomi 13 Ultra. The phone comes with a set of powerful features, the most important of which is that it has a large screen with QHD + quality of the AMOLED type that works at a refresh rate of 120Hz. It also comes with a high resolution of the front camera in terms of color saturation and video shooting quality. In addition to its support for the fast, distinctive and high charging capacity, which reaches 67 watts, with its support for wireless charging. Now let us get to know the rest of the full specifications of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra phone, with its most important advantages, disadvantages, and price. Is it worth buying, or are there competing phones in the same price category that offer higher capabilities to you? The comprehensive review is as follows.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra specifications

The leaks shed light on the upcoming Xiaomi 13 Ultra version again, as the leaks confirm that the phone comes with a 1-inch main sensor and a variable aperture.

Xiaomi is introducing the Xiaomi 13 Ultra phone during the coming period to global markets with a new set of features with some of the specifications that were presented in the company’s previous version, Xiaomi 12S Ultra.

And some leaks indicate that the Xiaomi 13 Ultra phone comes with a main IMX989 sensor in the rear camera, which is the same sensor that was presented in the company’s previous version.

On the other hand, the leaks indicate that the Xiaomi 13 Ultra phone comes with some changes in the camera settings, with the main IMX989 sensor, Xiaomi introduces in the new version this year with a variable aperture.

The new details came through the “Digital Chat Station”, which confirmed that the main sensor has a resolution of 50 mega pixels.

On the other hand, expectations indicate that the Xiaomi 13 Ultra phone comes with a selfie camera that mimics the camera provided by Xiaomi for the Xiaomi 13 Pro phone, also with the distinctive design of the smaller size of the Xiaomi 13 phone, it may also come with a smaller hole for the front camera.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra features

  1. The phone supports the ability to connect to the 5G network.
  2. The phone supports the NFC proximity sensor, which is very important in modern phones.
  3. The phone comes with a modern, distinctive and imminent design, with premium manufacturing materials that come with high quality.
  4. The phone comes with protection from water and dust, which is a feature that has become essential now in many leading phones.
  5. The phone supports remote control of electrical appliances through the IR Blaster feature.
  6. The phone comes with the latest processors found in the leading phones, as it is greatly distinguished and provides great performance in various uses, whether in games or in other heavy uses. It is the best energy-saving processor as it significantly reduces battery power consumption.
  7. The phone offers an enjoyable and wonderful gaming experience that is not comparable to another phone in terms of everything, as we tried the Peggy game and some other games, and we got a perfect gaming experience free of any errors or problems such as unstable frames or abnormal battery consumption. It was a really enjoyable experience.
  8. The phone supports the Always on Camera feature, which is to recognize the face with artificial intelligence, so you do not need to touch the screen, or it is enough just to look at the phone to unlock it directly.
  9. The external speakers provide an excellent performance, from the purity of the sound to the highest levels, as they come from the stereo type.
  10. The screen comes in a large size suitable for watching movies and various video clips with ease. The screen comes with the latest updates currently in the market, as it provides you with excellent ease of use and comes with a color accuracy of 1 billion colors and provides you with a high degree of brightness up to 1800 lumens directly under sunlight. Or in high lighting, it generally provides excellent performance in any case.
  11. The battery provides excellent performance in average use, up to more than two days of work without the need to recharge, and also in intensive and heavy use, it gives you a full day of use without worrying about the battery running out suddenly.
  12. The phone battery supports wireless charging, reverse charging, and fast charging, as the 200W fast charging feature comes, which is the largest fast charging power available now, as you can fully charge the battery in a few simple minutes.

Disadvantages of Xiaomi 13 Ultra

  • The phone does not support the ability to connect to radio networks.
  • The phone does not support the 3.5 mm input of your wired headphones.
  • The phone does not support the feature of adding a memory card to enlarge the internal space of phones, although the phone comes with a large internal space, but there are
  • Some users prefer having an entrance for adding an external storage card.
  • The rear camera has noticeably protruded, which exposes it to scratches more, but a case can be installed to protect the rear lenses.

Unboxing the Xiaomi 13 Ultra

The phone comes with a sticker that has been placed to protect against scratches – a 65W charger head – a case to protect the phone from shocks – a metal pin to open the SIM port – USB Type C cable – mobile warranty – a user guide.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra price

The price of this phone is $ 900 in US dollars, with the price being converted to local currencies. The price may differ from one country to another for several reasons.
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