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Xiaomi launches a new phone to compete with Apple and Samsung... These are its specifications!

Xiaomi launches a new phone to compete with Apple and Samsung

Xiaomi launches a new phone to compete with Apple and Samsung
Xiaomi series 13

Xiaomi launched its top-tier smartphone globally on Sunday, as the Chinese electronics giant tries to grab a share of the phone market dominated by Apple and Samsung.

After launching the Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro in China in December, the Beijing-based company announced the introduction of the devices to global markets, according to CNBC.

The “Xiaomi 13 Pro” phone contains a 6.73-inch screen and the latest processor from the American company “Qualcomm” - Snapdragon 8 of the second generation.

The phone also has a triple-lens camera and other features such as ultra-fast charging. The company also referred to the enormous camera capabilities that it co-engineered with the German company "Leica".

The price of the “Xiaomi 13” phone starts at $ 1053, while the higher version, “13 Pro”, starts at $ 1,370.

The launch of the new phone comes after a difficult year for the phone industry in general, and especially for “Xiaomi”, whose shipments decreased during the year 2022 by 26%, according to the research company “IDC”, which is the largest decline among the 5 largest phone companies. The company also turned to a loss in the September quarter.

Over the past year, smartphone shipments fell to 1.21 billion alone, which is the lowest number of phones produced globally since 2013, according to IDC.

Data from research firm Canalys shows that high-end smartphones costing more than $800 accounted for 18% of the total phone market in 2022, up from 11% in 2020.

And “Canalys” said that “Xiaomi” plan to compete with “Apple” and “Samsung” is facing great difficulties, as the two companies controlled 92% of the phone market in the upper segment of the market in 2022.
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