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How to add "ChatGPT" to the Apple Watch

The Petey app can be used on the Apple Watch

How to add "ChatGPT" to the Apple Watch

In recent days, artificial intelligence has become the talk of all websites. AI initially started with lensa, but then expanded to include chatbots such as chat GPT which has become the talk of everyone lately.

This intelligence has become inevitable, although it is not ideal and may really come in handy in certain situations. In fact, you can kind of rely on the Chat GPT bot instead of Siri on your iPhone — you can now also add Chat GPT to your Apple Watch.

How to download Chat GPT on Apple Watch

How to download Chat GPT on Apple Watch

You can now take advantage of AI in your smart watch made by Apple, but it is not called Chat GPT because it is not supported by OpenAI but rather developed by third-party software called "Modum B.V".

According to the American “Digital Trends” website, the application for Apple Watches was called WatchGPT, but now the name may change to another. To download this feature on Apple Watches, you must follow the following steps, which do not require much time.

  1. First, head to the App Store on your Apple Watch or Apple Watch.
  2. Search for "watchGPT" or "Petey" app.
  3. After searching, choose the "Petey - AI Assistant" application, then click on the purchase application. The price of the application is approximately 5 US dollars.
  4. After paying the price of the application and downloading it, you will find it directly on your Apple Watch, and if you downloaded it from the phone, it will be automatically installed on your Apple Watch.
  5. If the app is not installed on your watch, go to the Apple Watch app on your phone and search for the app at the bottom, then tap Install.

How to use the Petey app on the Apple Watch

After installing the "Petey" app on your watch, you can use it immediately, as there are no complicated requirements regarding opening an account on "OpenAI" or any complicated things that may hinder its ease of use, just open the app and ask a question.

The application can also be added to the main interface of the watch so that you can access it faster. Currently, the "Petey" application allows you to ask one question at a time, but a future update will allow a full conversation. The app comes with other features that include chat history and the ability for the app to read the answer out loud.

This can be taken advantage of by following these steps:

  • Open the Petey app on your Apple Watch.
  • Choose Choose Ask Something.
  • Choose one of the two options, whether writing or voice, to ask questions.
  • Click Done.
  • After this step the app will pause for a few moments in order to respond.
  • After that, choose the share option in case you want to open the result with someone else via text message or via email.
  • Or press the Done button to return to the previous option.
  • Repeat the step between 2 to 7 times.
According to the same source, the results obtained from the application may not be accurate to a percentage of 100%, as artificial intelligence is still in the development phase, even Chat GPT, its results still give many errors in previous experiments, but it is a good way to discover artificial intelligence and spend some the time.
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