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app lock download for android latest version for free

Download App Lock latest version

app lock download
app lock download

Name App Lock
Producing company DoMobile Lab
Release Date Latest version
Compatible with mobile
Application version android
Application size 28 MB
license Free
Application language English

app lock download, the famous lock application is the best application that can be used to close the applications on the mobile phone in addition to closing the programs on your phone for protection by the user downloading the lock application and then activating it on the device and then closing the applications using a secret number that By customizing it to protect them from eavesdropping on someone who holds your phone, you can also protect any file you have such as pictures, messages and other media. All you have to do is app lock download.

About app lock download

The App Lock application is the most important application that exists now that works to protect your data, as it works to provide a safe environment that works to keep all programs and applications in more than one way of protection that enables you to protect your phone and everything inside of your data. For example, when app lock download you can close and protect any application of your choice and specify it through the internal program settings, this is different from using a code to protect the phone unlock screen, you can specify a pattern or screen fingerprint or a secret number that makes your phone locked and no one can open it . But if your phone falls while it is open to someone, he can take advantage of the matter and open whatever internal applications he wants, but the App Lock application helps you fully protect your phone, as the app lock download is complete faith, and you can download it on all your devices.

app lock download features

  • Protection and security: The first feature of the app lock program, and it is the most important feature among the features of this program, as it is considered the basis of its work, as users are keen to download it in order to obtain complete protection and security for the applications on their phones.
  • Lock programs and files: When you download the app lock program, it will help you to lock all applications, photos and videos, as well as applications for system settings and other multiple applications so that no one who gets your phone can ever see them, and thus the program preserves your privacy.
  • It comes for free: as the process of downloading the app lock application you can do it completely free of any type of your phone: Android, iPad, iPhone of any version.
  • It works on all devices: After you download the app lock, you can protect your phone and the applications inside it by closing these applications using the fingerprint, which has become available on all modern devices without facing any problem, whether in the download, installation or use stage, as it has an interface A very easy user that everyone can deal with without the need for anyone's help.

Steps to use the App Lock program with a password

The first step

After you download the app lock download and then open the program, you will find that the program displays a new window asking you to enter the password that you want, which is only yours, and it is better that it be different from the password that you usually use, and at the same time it is Easy for you so that you can remember to open the applications that you will put inside the program in order to get rid of annoying people who want to see your privacy.

The second step

The next step is to confirm the passcode that you entered, where you enter the number that you entered the first time, and if it does not match the first number you entered, the program will take you back to the first step again.

The third step

In the next step, the program will ask you to enter your e-mail, and this step is important so that you can open the application in case you forget the password that you entered, and so you can create a new password through a password reset message on your e-mail your own.

Ways to lock applications in the app lock program

  • Pattern skin: Pattern skin gives a medium level of security to your applications, however it is the most popular security form among all users, as it is easy and fast to enter.
  • PIN Form: This type of protection gives the user a high level of security, and the program requires you, in order to activate the PIN to lock the application, to enter four numbers, which will be the password for the program.
  • Password: This type is characterized by a high level of security, and it is the strongest among the previous patterns to protect important applications and files, as this password must consist of a set of numbers and letters that you must choose carefully so that no one can know it.

app lock settings

User Center: When you enter the application after setting a passcode and entering through it, you will find inside the application a set of advanced settings and control buttons for the user, through which you can place and protect photos or videos, in order to prevent any of the spies on your phone from being They enter and see these private videos or images and violate the privacy of your data. The user center also has a number of special offers that the application offers to its users so that they can subscribe to advanced and get more paid features, or the application may ask you to watch some ads or take a tour in order to get acquainted. On advanced themes and shapes.

Themes and Themes: Within the app lock application there is a large number of wonderful themes that it presents to the user for free in order to change the look of the application for diversity in its appearance, so that the user does not feel bored during its use because of its default shape. It also shows you the themes and themes that you have downloaded from the application until You can fully control it when the closing screen appears in front of you, where you can make it a vertical screen or a horizontal screen as you like, you can also customize an image from your gallery.

Room section: This part of the application is what allows you to browse confidentially by containing a hidden browser that does not appear on your phone interface, and through this browser you can manage your accounts on various social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook And Instagram and others, as well as in this section you will find buttons to activate the feature of taking a picture of any individual trying to enter the app lock application, where when the application detects an entry attempt using a wrong passcode, it will photograph the person who does so without his knowledge and you will find the image in the private gallery In order to know who was trying to view your data and violate your privacy, the hidden browser in the application allows you to copy and paste links into the search box in order to search for everything you want to know from the Internet.

Incognito browsing settings: In this section of the app lock, you will find the feature of not saving the date of the last time you browsed through the hidden browser, and so the application makes you stay safe and completely hidden, and in this section you will also find a set of bookmarks, recent downloads, and others of activities.

app lock download

Due to the many features offered by this application, which is considered the first competitor to all similar programs, many people have downloaded this app lock, as the number of downloads has reached about 300 million, downloading and this indicates success. app lock download The program and its wide popularity.

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