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Instagram announces new features to compete with BeReal and Twitter

Instagram rivals BeReal and Twitter

Instagram announces new features to compete with BeReal and Twitter

Instagram has announced a new set of features that will enhance competition with competing applications, which include the Candid Stories feature that simulates the BeReal social networking application that Apple chose as the best application for iPhone in 2022, in addition to the notes feature that allows short texts to be published on Facebook. Similar to Twitter, along with the Groups feature.

What are the new Instagram features?

These are the new features announced by Meta, the parent company of Instagram:

Candid Stories to simulate the BeReal app

The new Instagram features announced by Mita include a feature called Candid Stories, which is a feature that simulates the BeReal application, which provides a new experience for social communication with friends, as the feature allows the user to share a moment in a photo or video with both the front and back cameras together, through the Stories camera. Stories or the story with multiple authors at the top of the feed or through the daily notification that the application sends daily, which is the notification that can be disabled at any time in the settings, and Meta said that it is testing a similar feature in the Facebook application.

Promote your Add Yours sticker in Instagram stories

And Instagram had launched the Add Yours sticker in stories, and it is one of the most interactive features now in Instagram stories, as it urges users to share photos or videos on a topic, such as the best moments from the places the user traveled to during the year and others, and with the new update it is possible For Instagram users, invite friends to participate.

Twitter-like Notes

The new Instagram features also include the Notes feature, which allows users to share short texts of up to 60 characters, which are the notes that appear at the top of the messages tab or the users’ inbox, and the user can choose to share with a list of close friends or people that the user follows and follows, and the note appears For a period of 24 hours only, and replies to them arrive as direct messages to the user.

groups on Instagram

It is the feature that aims to provide a more personal experience by creating a new profile for groups, so that photos and stories can be shared with a group of users instead of sharing with followers, and Instagram said that the user can create a group profile by clicking on the + button at the top of the profile page. Profile and choose profiles for groups.

And Instagram said that it is also testing a new way that allows users to communicate with friends and others interested in the same topic, by saving posts in a collaborative group, whether in a group or a private message from one person to another, all the user has to do is save or add any post directly from the feed with a friend last.

The new Instagram features can be obtained by installing the latest version of the application, which is available for free for iPhone users through the Apple App Store and for Android users via the Google Play Store.
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