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New iOS 16.4 update features for iPhone and how to get it

How to get the features of iOS 16.4 update for iPhone

New iOS 16.4 update features for iPhone and how to get it
iOS 16.4

Apple provided the iOS 16.4 update for iPhone users such as the iPhone 14 Pro, which is the new update to the operating system that brings a number of features and improvements, including the ability to get alerts from web applications, in addition to a new set of emoji or emoji 2023, along with a better experience. to make phone calls.

What are the features of the new iOS 16.4 update for iPhone?

These are the most prominent new features added by the iOS 16.4 update for iPhone users:

What are the features of the new iOS 16.4 update for iPhone?

  • 31 new emoji, including animals such as goose, hand gestures, and more, plus several additions to different emoji categories, including a new smiley face, two hand gestures, three new heart emoji colors including pink, and a new symbol for wireless or wi-fi fi.
  • Support for notifications for web applications through the Safari browser, with the ability to display the number of alerts on the home screen and control them through focus mode.
  • Better phone calls by isolating the sound and focusing on the voice of the speaker and blocking the noise around you, a feature that previously worked with FaceTime calls and VOIP applications.
  • Enhances the Find Duplicate Photos feature in the Photos app, supporting detection of duplicate photos and videos in your shared iCloud Photo Library.
  • VoiceOver voiceover support for maps in the Weather app on iPad and iPhone.
  • Options to automatically dim or reduce video brightness when bright light or spotty lighting effects are detected.
  • Fixed an issue where purchase requests from children did not appear on the parent's device.
  • Addresses issues that may cause Matter-compatible thermal devices to become unresponsive when connected to the Apple Home app.
  • Improve the auto-detection feature for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro phones.

How to get the iOS 16.4 update for your iPhone?

  1. Make sure your phone is connected to a power source or charger and is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Go to Settings, then General, then Software Update.
  3. Click Download and Install.
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